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About Travis

Travis BridgesWell, I’m the proudest father in the world. My only son recently graduated from the Naval Academy/Annapolis. He’s an IT/General Science major and played football. I’m originally from NC, have lived in South Florida since 1991 and I love it here. It’s not ALWAYS jumpin but when it is, it makes up for any lost time. I enjoy the beach and recently, a fit/healthy and happy lifestyle. I’m a true homebody when I’m home but when I’m out, I’M OUT.

My background is in radio and by day, I operate an advertising agency/audio production business which provides audio services in the form of radio commercials, voice overs and audio for TV. I’m also a musician/saxophonist. I play smooth jazz, inspirational, Top-40 and R&B music as a solo artist, and I’m available to a variety of venues including churches, select restaurants, weddings, private parties and a few concerts here and there. Unless I land a regular weekly gig, I usually play an average of two or three major events per month. The full band is available upon requests.

My second and latest CD, Horn of Plenty/Harvest Harmony was released in November 2012 and is available at, my personal website, and my business site,

“I’d like to think that I’m a cool guy with a heart of gold. Sometimes, I’m so simple that I can seem complex in that I’m a stickler for detail. My two Min-Pins, Buster and Junior are always great company.
I’m not “religious” at all, anymore but I usually attend church. My favorite color is red, I like most health foods, I’m not afraid of snakes but you could rob me with certain insects,  lol. Just kidding.  I cut my own grass, I like comedy and action movies, sports and a variety of live entertainment. I think I keep a balance of being affectionate, sensitive and firm.  Playing the saxophone is one of my favorite passions.”

There’s more about me but I’ll hold off till my book or movie deal.  🙂


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